Interested in contributing to LibreOffice GSOC 2016

Alex P alex.pantec at
Tue Mar 8 10:53:16 UTC 2016


I am a third year Informatics/Computer Science student looking forward to
contribute to Libre Office during GSoC. I have experience in desktop
(Windows, Linux) and web development. C, C++, Java, .NET, PHP, Python, JS,

I live in Europe, UTC+2.
My native language is Russian, but I think there should not be any problems
with communicating in English.

I do not have much code to show but here is my github profile with some
Also during GCI 2011 I was working on setmime and writembr
tools in Haiku OS.

So far I submited patches/working on these EasyHack bugs:

I understand that these are small and easy bugs, but I just started working
with LibreOffice code a week ago, so I think it is a good starting point
for learning this project.

I looked at the GSoC ideas, I am interested in "Refactor god objects" or
"Implement Zoner Draw import filter" (I was also thinking about "More and
better tests" but as I know someone already wants to take it). I would like
to get some suggestions about how should I start working on it.

My IRC nick is AlexP11223
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