Fwd: Interested to work on GSoC project

Rosemary Sebastian rosemary.seb8 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 11:40:55 UTC 2016

Hello everyone

I'm Rosemary, a final year student of B.Tech. in Computer Science and

I found the project "Saving ODF XML of Change-Tracking as a sequence of
predefined Changes" interesting as it looks similar to the projects I've
worked on in LibreOffice. So I'd like to work on it for GSoC 2016.

My contributions to LibreOffice include:

   1. Writing an export filter for the export of VBA streams to MSO
   formats; moggi was my mentor for this corehack.
   2. Implementing OOXML export and import of Impress text fields; bubli
   mentored me for this one.

My IRC nickname is roses and my email ID is rosemary.seb8 at gmail dot com

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