Recent nss upgrade breaks ssl support in curl in a CentOS 6.7 build

Giuseppe Castagno giuseppe.castagno at
Sun Mar 13 12:55:51 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I found recent upgrading nss cause curl configure failing to detect nss 
Happens only in CentOS 6.7, didn't observe it on Ubuntu 14.04.

nss upgrade is present both in master and in libreoffice-5-1.

In libreoffice-5-1 the commit where this is first seen is:

Relevant verbose configure in CentOS follows (obtained on CentOS 6.7 
compiling libreoffice5-1 branch):
checking whether to enable Windows native SSL/TLS (Windows native builds 
only)... no
checking whether to enable iOS/Mac OS X native SSL/TLS... no
configure: WARNING: Using hard-wired libraries and compilation flags for 
checking for SSL_VersionRangeSet in -lnss3... no
configure: WARNING: SSL disabled, you will not be able to use HTTPS, 
FTPS, NTLM and more.
configure: WARNING: Use --with-ssl, --with-gnutls, --with-polarssl, 
--with-cyassl, --with-nss, --with-axtls, --with-winssl, or 
--with-darwinssl to address this.
checking default CA cert bundle/path... /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt
checking whether versioned symbols are wanted... no
checking whether to enable Windows native IDN (Windows native builds 
only)... no
checking whether to build with libidn... no
configure: Configured to build curl/libcurl:

   curl version:     7.43.0
   Host setup:       x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
   Install prefix:   /usr/local
   Compiler:         gcc
   SSL support:      no 
(--with-{ssl,gnutls,nss,polarssl,cyassl,axtls,winssl,darwinssl} )
   SSH support:      no      (--with-libssh2)
   zlib support:     enabled
   GSS-API support:  no      (--with-gssapi)
   TLS-SRP support:  no      (--enable-tls-srp)
   resolver:         default (--enable-ares / --enable-threaded-resolver)
   IPv6 support:     enabled
   Unix sockets support: enabled
   IDN support:      no      (--with-{libidn,winidn})
   Build libcurl:    Shared=yes, Static=no
   Built-in manual:  no      (--enable-manual)
   --libcurl option: enabled (--disable-libcurl-option)
   Verbose errors:   enabled (--disable-verbose)
   SSPI support:     no      (--enable-sspi)
   ca cert bundle:   /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt
   ca cert path:     no
   LDAP support:     no      (--enable-ldap / --with-ldap-lib / 
   LDAPS support:    no      (--enable-ldaps)
   RTSP support:     enabled
   RTMP support:     no      (--with-librtmp)
   metalink support: no      (--with-libmetalink)
   HTTP2 support:    disabled (--with-nghttp2)
   Protocols:        FTP HTTP RTSP

make[2]: Entering directory 


Kind Regards,
Giuseppe Castagno aka beppec56
Acca Esse
giuseppe.castagno at

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