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jan iversen jani at
Wed Mar 16 02:53:40 UTC 2016

> what do you mean by 'issue number' ?
"Change 23005" (looking at 

E.g in All/Open and All/Merged for columns are "Subject", "Status" ....
I would like to have
"Change", "Subject", "Status" ...
(thought issue was the right word)

> if it is customizable you can create what-ever view you want in the 'My' tab.
> I, for example, have a view to filter 'Verified' changeset:
> See profile/preference, My Menu
> #/q/is:open+label:Verified>0
Yes this is a filter, and does not add a column in the list generated.

I read in the doc. (maybe wrongly) that admins can change the columns of the lists generated, and users can change filtering

jan i.

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