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Wed Mar 16 07:54:38 UTC 2016

	Hi Michael,
	My name is Jun Ma, i'm Xipeng's colleague, i'll take over the work to try my best implementation Chinese input.
	Thank you very much for your suggestions, that sounds great. Thank you for your work. We will try the javascript side to support IME.
	As far as i know, the javascript side should implemention something like composition events to get the "unicode string" produced by IME, and then send the string to server. If i understand wrong, please correct it, thank you.
	But i have a problem about the IME popup window, i don't know how to overlay it at the cursor point, could you give me some suggestions in detail?

	Best Regards,
	Jun Ma


	在 2016-03-16, Wed, 14:05:09 ,xipeng 写到:

		Hi Michael,
		Thank you, that's great. We are trying to implement work javascript side. We hope to have good progress. 
		In addition, the future by my colleague Jun Ma  to communicate with you,she'll e-mail contact you later.
		Thanks for your help.
		Best regards,
		Xipeng Song
		在 2016-03-11, Fri, 17:32:29 ,Michael Meeks 写到:
Hi Xipeng Song,

On Thu, 2016-03-10 at 10:29 +0800, xipeng wrote:
>     I suspect that the browser may support IME, just after switching
> Chinese input do not know how to obtain the return of the unicode
> code.

	Sure - exactly; so - we need a way of injection not just key-codes into
the text - but full UTF-8 / unicode strings as produced by the IME. In
gtk+ language that's an IM commit - and the internal event is
SALEVENT_EXTTEXTINPUT - almost certainly we would want to simulate that
internally. Wrt. the IME popup windows, and so on I'd hope we can
overlay that in the browser at the cursor point.

>     I imagine "Map.Keyboard.js" is the implementation of the event for
> the English/Western char input. 


>     We hope our efforts can bring some convenience to people's lives.

	Sure - thanks for digging into this.

	If you can get the javascript side to work nicely for you (with the IME
pieces) and give us a clean UTF-8 string - I'd be happy to implement the
"commit" piece on the protocol / server side.

	Does that make sense ?



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