Cosmetic changes in help files

Sophie gautier.sophie at
Tue Mar 22 10:44:09 UTC 2016

Dear developers,

A reminder about dealing with help files and cosmetic changes: the l10n
team is again impacted with thousands of changes (57k fuzzy strings that
needs to be checked one by one) that doesn't concern them. Examples:
 <swichinline><caseinline><emph></emph></caseinline></swichinline> has
been changed to
attributes removal such as oldref

Please, please before doing such changes, have a thought about the
balance between the work you ask to the l10n team and the value of the
change. If it's really necessary (I can understand cleaning of oldref,
yes), write a script or ask for it and don't commit until you get it. In
any case, drop a line to the l10n list so we can help without being
under the impression that nobody cares :)
Thanks in advance for your understanding,
Sophie Gautier sophie.gautier at
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