Yan Pashkovsky. Applying for GSoC 16

Yan Pas yanp.bugz at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 12:20:05 UTC 2016


My name is Yan. I'm 4th year student of Moscow State University of
Radioelectronics and Automatics (english.mirea.ru), I'm participating in
LibreOffice projet for about 1.5 year (mostly bugzilla (formely known by
adresss yanpaso at gmail dot com), but also in LO wiki).

I can do programming in C++11 and python3. I would like to make LO suite
more stable and fix bugs. I've reported over 100 of them, it's time to fix
them. One of that bugs is implemeting pagefill without borders in Writer
(#33041). New features are less important for me, but I find useful these:
90457 Enhancement: Merging cells by rows and by columns
90978 Play|Pause and video reqind in Impress
94128 New arrows endings for databases
Will be glad to work on them this summer! :)

Kind regards,
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