GSoC 2016

marius adrian popa mapopa at
Thu Mar 24 17:16:00 UTC 2016

Hello I'm Finishing my Master Degree this Year (2016) in Information
Technology at Petru Maior University Romania  (Last year i had some familiy
issues that now are solved)

I will work this summer on finishing integration of Firebird backend

The main remaining issue is that the firebird data format embedded in the
.odb file is endianess-dependent. The idea is to switch to Firebird's
"archive" format that is not.

I started by cleaning the previous gerrit and submitting new one

Also as time permits fixing the following blockers for firebird integration

 bug 69949 <> -
table editor should support the autoincrement
 bug 71009 <> -
relationship management not implemented in GUI
 bug 71251 <> -
Creating table from default choices via wizard fails
 bug 74172 <> - no
 bug 76072 <> -
view creation not implemented

I will test also firebird 3.0 integration (it should work with old 2.5 c
based api with no changes )

I started last year a patch that needs to be reworked with Firebird 3.0

Some it's features would allow easy fixes for example autoincrement
(implemented as identity)

True boolean datatype ...

If nothing else is left to do i will create a branch with firebird 3.0 c++
oo api

Api is  now fronzen according to the Firebird core developers

Previous merged gerrits

Proposal on google docs
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