Implementing SVG attribute "stroke-miterlimit" ( tdf#48066)

Thorsten Behrens thb at
Sun Mar 27 02:14:44 UTC 2016

Regina Henschel wrote:
> The API has the struct "StrokeAttributes" in css::rendering. It has the
> element "MiterLimit". I do not know any UI for it and don't know, if and how
> it is usable at all. The service "LineProperties" in css::drawing does not
> provide such property.
Yeah, the css::rendering API in general is more modern than the stuff
in css::drawing. But for svg import, UNO API is for the while not
relevant, no?

> So my question is, how to transport the "Miterlimit"-information?
> Add a member to class LineAttribute?
Sounds like the way to go (if you mean the drawinglayer attribute).


-- Thorsten
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