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Ivan Kapelyukhin ikapelyukhin at
Thu May 5 15:40:14 UTC 2016

Hello, everyone.

I'm writing an application that uses LibreOffice API, however in order to
connect to LibreOffice I've ended up using a certain JAR (originally
published on OpenOffice forums) that allows to specify a path to
LibreOffice binary named bootstrapconnector.jar.

I've later found out that OpenOffice has this module published on Maven

It seems to work with LibreOffice just fine; there are some minor issues

1. It lists OpenOffice's modules as dependencies (org.openoffice.ridl /
unoil / juh / jurt);
2. It uses deprecated command line options syntax (with a single dash).

My question is -- does LibreOffice has it's own version of this module
(perhaps included in some other package or named differently)? If not, then
perhaps LibreOffice should have it as well?

Thanks, Ivan.
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