libre5.0 + win10 configure error

jemmy junjun94567 at
Wed May 4 05:38:15 UTC 2016

Thanks Norbert.
I have remembered that I renamed the path from "D:\sources\core" to
"D:\sources\libre-core" after you told me to check the path.
Furthermore, I checkouted the branch from master to libreoffice-5-0-6.

Then I git cloned again to "D:\sources" and configured on the master branch. 

shift+reset, go to the safe mode, do this:
fsutil 8dot3name set c: 0
fsutil file setshortname "Program Files (x86)" PROG~1
fsutil file setshortname "Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0" msvc~120
fsutil file setshortname "Windows Kits" W~Kits

then, go back to normal node.

Everything is ok.

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