Looking for an architect to help Thunderbird

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at collabora.com
Fri May 6 09:14:14 UTC 2016

Hi guys,

	The ESC previously discussed sending (very occasional) job adverts to
the dev-list here; and concluded that it was reasonable (2015-03-12 for
those interested) for 'LibreOffice' jobs - so, this is not really that
(yet) - but who knows what the future holds.

	As such - I'd encourage people to wrack their brains and rolodexen for
talented applicants to recommend that may be interested in this (frankly
exciting) project =) I'd love to do it myself, modulo not being even
remotely available.



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Subject: Looking for an architect to help Thunderbird
Date: Thu, 5 May 2016 18:06:12 +0100

[Hi Michael: I'd like to make the LibreOffice community aware of this.
Can you suggest an appropriate way or ways? Thanks -- Gerv]

Hi everyone,

I want to politely draw to your attention an opportunity to help a
significant open source project out of a tricky spot, and ask you to
send this on to people you think may be able to help.

As you may know, Mozilla is currently going through a process, on
multiple fronts, to try and disentangle Thunderbird from Firefox and set
it up for success as an open source project. One of the big issues we
are addressing is that Thunderbird has some technical hurdles that are
looming on the horizon, in part due to changes upcoming in the Gecko

Mozilla is attempting to hire an architect for 3 months to take a
dispassionate look at the situation and recommend a good way forward:


However, we are having trouble with knowing how to publicise this
position; we feel there is some advantage in having someone who is not
an existing or previous member of the Thunderbird community, but we
don't know where to look.

The job spec linked above has full details but, in short, we are looking
for someone with as many of the following as possible:

 * experience working in large, complex open source projects

 * experience building the technology needed for a consumer product
   with many users and significant security and localization

 * understanding of the subtleties of both client-side C++ programs
   (from build engineering to localization) as well as web-service
   enabled interactions like addon systems, update systems, etc.

If people know anyone who might be a good fit for this position, I would
be very grateful indeed if they would pass the message on and encourage
them to apply, or contact me with questions.

Many thanks,


 michael.meeks at collabora.com  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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