Status of accessibility of LibreOffice Online

Alex ARNAUD alexarnaud at
Tue May 10 10:06:59 UTC 2016

Dear Dev Team,

I've done a test of LibreOffice Online acccessibility on GNU/Linux with the Orca screenreader and Firefox at
What have you done to make LibreOffice Online accessible for assistive technologies ?

The result of my test is that LibreOffice Online is completely not usable for a blind person.
For your information, Google Doc provides a correct accessibility that makes it usable for the blind.

Are there projects about this ? Is there someone in the community who told you this?

It seems important to have such thought now, as it would be hard to make LO accessible once development is architecture fully. And given the role of such LO release in professional world, its inaccessibility would
be a problem.

Best regards.


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