Updating vcl EMF+ Renderer without using the cppcanvas metafile renderer

Aptitude Testing Team aptitude at btconnect.com
Thu May 12 06:27:57 UTC 2016

> > To fix this, I believe that it should be possible to copy
> > cppcanvas/source/mtrenderer/emfplus.cxx into vcl/source/filter/wmf
> and
> > adapt it to use "class WinMtfOutput"
> >
> I'd move it instead of copying. WinMtfOutput as-is won't cut it, you
> need to extend it to cover more modern graphic operations. Caveat
> emptor, that might require extensions to the internal StarView metafile
> format then with some ripple-effects.
> Another (IMO better) option is to convert it into a drawinglayer
> primitive filter. Armin on Cc for further details on that topic.

Thinking about it. I believe the best approach will be to use svgio as a
framework (I will call it wmfio). Since svg (I believe) is the newest.
Then in 4 stages, slowly port the WMF/EMF/EMF+ code
1) WMF
2) EMF
3) EMF+
4) Strip out the old code (If any remnants exist).

I will make a start, and see where it takes me.

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