Some thoughts about our tests and the build time

Xen list at
Tue May 17 01:14:07 UTC 2016

Markus Mohrhard schreef op 17-05-2016 2:37:

> I hope this long text gives you something to think about.

Just as an outsider:

Separating tests that are meaningful for a developer, and tests that are 
meaningful for a builder, seems most meaningful to me ;-).

Even as a developer, even if you were actively working, I don't think 
you would want to run the full suite more than once a week, even if you 
are making many changes daily, for instance.

So I think the goal is to reduce the incidence, to reduce the frequency 
of running the full set, by people that cannot gain much from it, as you 

Just some thoughts, and just one opinion.


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