Re: Helena Svobodová license statement

Xen list at
Wed May 18 08:56:02 UTC 2016

jan iversen schreef op 18-05-2016 7:59:
> Thanks for your license statement.
> I have added you to our wiki:

Just a small question. Should the emails on that wiki be in plain sight 
for everyone? I understand it could be helpful and pleasant to be able 
to email everyone easily, but this way the emails can also easily be 

Oline mail archives I think usually hide any "reply online" button 
(mailto:link) behind at least some javascript popup or something of the 

In that sense you could think about splitting it in different fields, or 
obfuscating it in some way. No spammer is going to rewrite harvest 
software for just one site.

Even a simple "username@<view domain>" link with <view domain> being a 
little javascript that will replace the link with the actual domain, 
would work nicely I think.

Just a thought! I wouldn't want to end up on that list ;-).


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