Re: Helena Svobodová license statement

Xen list at
Wed May 18 13:10:17 UTC 2016

jan iversen schreef op 18-05-2016 11:24:
>> Just a small question. Should the emails on that wiki be in plain 
>> sight for everyone? I understand it could be helpful and pleasant to 
>> be able to email everyone easily, but this way the emails can also 
>> easily be harvested.
> Well, in my opinion, harvesting emails from a markdown page is of
> course easy, but bear in mind, the same people can just do a "git log"
> and get more or less the same information (in reality more qualified
> email adresses, than the wiki page).

People could and I'm not sure if they'd be interested, and I don't wanna 
give any ideas, but I already have now.

Or you did ;-).

And only you can know, my email is yet not on any public git list. I do 
know..... some times are also getting targetted by e.g. Indian web 
hosting providers.

When this happens it is targetted spam. It seems targetted or 
targettable spam lists are more valuable; e.g. some spam only ever 
arrives on a certain kind of address that have been used for certain 
services (that then sold them or got hacked (probably the former 
mostly)). So if anyone did target a git log, they would do so for 
specific reasons.

However a blatantly available web page.... again I don't know if such 
"general" email addresses are still worth anything today.

> Not a bad thought, you are most welcome to go ahead and do something
> like that on the Developers page.

Okay I will see if I can, but I have a million projects that are *also* 
not getting a foot on the ground ;-) (because it is broken) so don't 
count on it happening within the space of whatever ;-).

Everything is easy once you have made the investment. Making 
investments, however, is what you need to be picky in, usually.


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