[GSoC] Weekly Report #1 - Toolbars infrastructure via .ui files

Szymon Kłos eszkadev at gmail.com
Mon May 30 14:55:02 UTC 2016


This week I've updated ui files and fixed not working controls. One of
them was the number type listbox (Calc). I had to create toolbox
controller for it and this field can be used outside sidebar now. I
also started conversion of paragraph spacing fields.

I was doing some improvements to the libcmis also (which is not related
with my current GSoC project). I was hacking 2 Factor Authentication
for GDrive:
- fixed parser for the PIN request page (not merged yet)
- changed the PIN request window

Unfortunately I had an exam this week and still have classes at the
university so I didn't do as much as I want.

Next I'm going to create controllers for slide transitions and object
animation controls, which are helpful in the Impress.


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