GSoC Report

Jakub Trzebiatowski at
Mon May 30 16:07:33 UTC 2016

Dear Community,

     I'm working on a table styles as a GSoC project. My first goal is 
to make
existing table styles export and import.
     I have started with a core part of table styles - adding them to 

Summary of first week:
- Modifified sw_python tests to cover table styles
- Added TableStyles style family
     - Implemented getCount, getByIndex, getElementNames, getByName in 
     - Modified stylesheets iterator to consider table style family.

- Added SwXTextTableStyle class
     - A wrapper for internal SwTableAutoFormat class
     - A container containing 10 cell styles:
         "first-row", "last-row", "first-column", "last-column", "body",
         "even-rows", "odd-rows", "even-columns", "odd-columns", 

Patches can be found here:

If you have any remarks and/or suggestions, please share.

Jakub Trzebiatowski, irc: ubap

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