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Hey Riccardo,

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> Il 30/05/2016 02:50, Markus Mohrhard ha scritto:
>> Hey Riccardo,
>> On Sun, May 29, 2016 at 4:38 PM, Riccardo Magliocchetti
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>>     Hello Markus,
>>     Il 29/05/2016 13:11, Markus Mohrhard ha scritto:
>>         ** Server (code at )
>>         automated a few workflows (currently the processing is async and
>> needs to be
>>         done manually)
>>     Do you have more details for this item?
>> Everything in the processor/ is part of these tasks. The ones that
>> currently come to my mind are transformation from uploaded to processed
>> crash
>> and generation of the crash count numbers for the main page. For each of
>> them we
>> need a python script that calls them and add the script with a cron job.
>> Another task that might need similar handling but is not implemented at
>> all yet
>> is to delete symbols of old releases.
>> Does that make sense to you?
> Yep, since you are using uwsgi (and if you are willing to use it also in
> development) you can leverage its spooler or cron functionalities [1] to
> handle these tasks. Or they can be implemented as django management
> commands so you don't need another script to call them via http.
> [1]

What would be the advantage to writing a python management script that
works through http? My plan was to write a python management script and add
it as a cron job (about one minute for the processing of uploaded crashes
and once a day for the crash count).

The advantage that I currently see for an independent script is that I can
call it from wherever I am. Not only if I'm logged-in. What would be the
benefit of the other solutions?


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