/usr/lib/libnss3.so: version `NSS_3.19.1' not found

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Tue May 31 19:57:51 UTC 2016

On 30/05/16 10:17, YuGiOhJCJ Mailing-List wrote:
> It seems that my machine does not crash whereas currently:
>  * I got this line in my /etc/fstab file:
> tmpfs            /dev/shm         tmpfs       defaults         0   0
>  * My RAM is 4GB
>  * My swap is 1 GB
>  * RAM + swap = 5GB
>  * Calling '$ du -h /tmp' gives me a /tmp disk usage of 15GB (which is bigger than my RAM + swap)
> Why my machine does not crash in these conditions?

Lionel picked me up on this, that line does not declare /tmp. So /tmp is
on your local hard disk.

Assuming Slack does clear out /tmp on a reboot, that gives us a baseline
of you need at least 15GB for /tmp if you're going to do your build
there. Adjust my figures accordingly ...

But you're probably better off with an overlay, if you can work out how
to use it.

(Incidentally, do a "man df", that's a useful command here too - your
/tmp is currently almost certainly on the / drive, and that'll tell you
how much space you've got free...)


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