Add include in Visual Basic file.

Marc Antoine Dumont dumont.marcantoine13 at
Wed Nov 2 20:42:18 UTC 2016


I'm working on this issue and the goals is
do remove the duplication in specific visual basic files.

I did remove those duplications in the file and create a new file to add
the function that was in the duplication. After that I did try to include
the new file in the file that I remove the duplication.

This is where I got the problem. Like I'm new to VB I don't know where the
problem come.  Is it the way I include the file or is it just impossible to
include file in VB.

The new file is testAsserts.vb so I tried : include testAsserts.vb.

I'm new to the project and I'm not sure if it's the good place to ask for
my question. If it's not the good place, I'm sorry for the trouble and I
would be happy that you tell me the appropriate place to ask.

Thank you

*Marc Antoine Dumont*
Étudiant au baccalauréat en génie logiciel
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