Need help with installing/setting SDK on Linux

Rodnyansky Pavel turnedon at
Fri Nov 11 08:59:42 UTC 2016

sberg wrote
> Unfortunately it's not enough to run from within a setsdkenv_unix shell, 
> you also need to set up some C++ compiler command line arguments. 
> Modelling your makefiles after the sdk's example/ makefiles (which 
> include the SDK's settings/*.mk) would give you that, but you should 
> also be able to get it working with a plain, handcrafted makefile.  LO's 
> git sources contain ure/source/uretest/Makefile.pln as an example of 
> doing that.  What's probably missing for you is defines

Adding  -DCPPU_ENV=gcc3 -DLINUX -DUNX  to DEFINES actually helped to get rid
of "unknown platform" error. All other mistakes were because i accidently
forgot to remove  a specific definition while porting from windows platform.
After that i struggled for a bit with linker errors and finally was able to
compile and launch my project. Thank you very much for a good answer, really
saved me a lot of time. I would probably never figured it out by myself.

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