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Eike Rathke erack at redhat.com
Tue Nov 22 20:43:11 UTC 2016

Hi Zolnai,

On Monday, 2016-11-21 22:30:42 +0100, Zolnai Tamás wrote:

> I wrote down my opinion. Sorry if I went to far with that word
> "ridiculous". Ignore that paragraph and you have what I should say on
> an ESC call. I would not bother with this API stability/instability
> anymore in general. I'm interested in only this specific case.
> Discuss it on ESC if needed and send me your decision. I can't do
> anything more with that.

Then let me explain why I consider changing this enum a non-acceptable
incompatible change.

For Java, receiving an unknown UNO API enum value results in a null
value. That can happen if an external Java process not knowing about the
new enum value using older LO jar files connects against a LibreOffice

The css::sheet::GeneralFunction is marked 'published', which means we
strive to keep it stable and external applications can rely on it.
Specifically the pivot table context API is something which I think is
used mainly in larger organizations to extract data groups in preset
environments. As we don't know who is using a published API for which
purposes and what the implications might be if we break it, we should

With commit
I reverted the incompatible change before we branch off to 5-3, keeping
all places that use GeneralFunction_MEDIAN in #if 0 so they can be
easily grep'ed for and adapted and where the new value was returned
I used GeneralFunction_NONE instead.

What now needs to be done is
* come up with a new css::sheet constant type (not enum) that can be extended
* an additional optional property for services where GeneralFunction is used
  * sheet::DataPilotField
  * sheet::DataPilotSourceLevel
  * sheet::DataPilotSourceDimension
* an internal mapping between the enum and the constant
* use the new constants in datapilot code
* return both properties to be read from services
* when evaluating properties written to services, if the new constant is
  present let it override the old enum
  * document that fact in the service's .idl files

Hope this helps.


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