Reverting unit tests?

Jan Holesovsky kendy at
Fri Nov 25 09:17:46 UTC 2016

Hi Khaled, Miklos,

Khaled Hosny píše v Čt 17. 11. 2016 v 15:22 +0200:

> It seems to not cover all the symbols in Symbol (what a great font
> name), or the original bug fixed by the commit in
> wouldn’t happen in the first
> place.

I've just seen this - I am not sure it's a good idea to remove a unit

In the commit message there is "The bug doc is broken in master with or
without this commit, but reverting this fixes tdf#103944." - I'd prefer
keeping the test in, and just #if 0 it until we have a fix; ideally with
bug number in a comment for a bugreport that is marked as regression
etc. so that it is on the radar / ESC stats?

Thank you,

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