call for testing: gbuild-ide-integration reimplementation

Jan Iversen jani at
Fri Nov 25 10:03:13 UTC 2016

> I tested the kdevelop integretion, which works fine. If you use any of the
> other IDEs, please test these here and scream loadly if this breaks things in
> the next 48 hours. If I hear nothing, I would merge this.

I am testing currently with Xcode, and will finish that over the weekend.

Currently it seems workdir outside core gives problems, but as I said currently testing.

> As said above, this does not need a full build to generate projects, so there
> is an option to e.g. have an option in LODE that does the default "1/ download
> source 2/ configure 3/ create project files" steps right away -- as especially
> on Windows, developers feel more at home with kicking of a build right from the
> IDE[1] and not on the console. So something like:
> ./setup --vs2013-projects
> doing the same as:
> ./setup --dev
> cd dev/core && ./
> cd dev/core && make vs2013-ide-integration
Sounds like a good ide(a)

jan I.

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