Requiring HarfBuzz 0.9.42?

Khaled Hosny khaledhosny at
Mon Nov 28 13:27:18 UTC 2016

I currently have code that depends on a feature and new API introduced
in HarfBuzz 0.9.42. The API use is behind a build time check, but the
code elsewhere really assumes the behaviour enabled by this API. So
technically we can use lower HarfBuzz versions, but practically the
result will be wrong in many cases.

Would it be OK to raise the required HarfBuzz version from 0.9.3 to
0.9.42 (both master and 5.3 are affected)?

Actually, checking HarfBuzz’s NEWS, looks like we will need at least
1.0.3 as there have been few bug fixes for the related functionality
between 0.9.42 and 1.0.3.


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