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Stephan Bergmann sbergman at
Wed Nov 30 10:11:14 UTC 2016

Quoting <> 
"Bundled extensions can not be disabled":
> I'm not sure whether it is explicitly stated anywhere, but one obvious use case
> for bundled (and/or shared) extensions is to let an admin install an extension
> that enforces some feature (e.g., makes some configuration entry read-only) so
> that users cannot override it.  That use case would be negatively affected by
> allowing users to disable bundled (and/or shared) extensions.  (And the
> recently added safe-mode,
> <>, may
> negatively affect this too; would need looking into.)

So I tried to check whether that safe-mode feature allows to disable 
bundled and/or shared extensions:  With current master on Linux, 
'soffice --safe-mode' starts LO and displays a "Safe Mode" dialog that 
offers (among other options) an "Uninstall extensions" radio button with 
attached check boxes "Uninstall all user extensions" and "Uninstall all 
extensions (including shared and bundled)".  But, even after selecting 
the "Uninstall extensions" radio button, the two check boxes remain 

Can somebody clarify?

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