gerrit changes depending one on another (was: Maarten Bosmans license statement)

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Thu Sep 1 16:01:12 UTC 2016

Hi Maarten,

On Wednesday, 2016-08-31 10:49:11 +0200, Maarten Bosmans wrote:

> What is the correct way to submit a patch series to gerrit? I'd like
> to avoid squashing all patches into one commit, but there also has to
> be a way for reviewers to see that all patches in a series are
> related.

I'm fine with separate changes that depend on another (preferrably if
they're clean and wellformed and can be applied and built as is in order ;-)
Gerrit indicates the relationship through the "Related Changes" list on
the right hand side, but that sometimes can also be misleading.

Adding a short "This depends on<changenumber>"
as gerrit comment / Reply after having submitted the changes is nice for

Having a topic name in the topic field for both changes is also a good
indicator. A topic can be conveniently set already when pushing the
changes to gerrit using the git-review tool: git review -t mytopic
Or plain git: git push gerrit HEAD:refs/for/master/mytopic


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