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slacka lukebenes at
Wed Sep 14 20:23:46 UTC 2016

Is the  "make vs2013-ide-integration" script working for anyone? With a clean
Win 10 install + VS 2013 + LODE, I always get:
make[1]: *** [cmd] Error 127 


"The "make version 4.0" do it wrong, I build ONLY the VS-Solution with "make
version 3.82"
The size is 517.746 Bytes when you have trouble to found, call me, I have
forget where I downloaded."

Lode used to download 3.82, but now it downloads 4.0. So new users are out
of luck.

Does anyone has a version of make that works with make
vs2013-ide-integration? If so, could you please share it on a cloud storage

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