[QA] New IDs for massive pings

Tommy barta at quipo.it
Sun Sep 18 09:57:25 UTC 2016

Xisco Fauli wrote:
> Hello,
>  From now on, all massive pings in bugzilla will contain an ID at the
> end of the message so they can be easily filtered
 > ... snip ...

good idea.

> Note: Remember to add the filter before next Tuesday 20th as I'll
> perform the next mass ping for Untouched bugs that day.
> Regards
> --
> Xisco FaulĂ­
> Libreoffice QA Team

Hi Xisco,
please take a look at the attached .ods file.
it was created by Joel Madero and provides updated stats of the NEW MASS 
currently 26% of the NEW pinged bugs were resolved.

the file updates at each mass ping adding the list of newly added bugs 
and their status changes as well.

cheers, Tommy

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