How to keep UNO applications connected after closing LibreOffice

Samuel Mehrbrodt Samuel.Mehrbrodt at
Mon Sep 19 15:17:02 UTC 2016

I went with the first option and created this patch:

It turned out we need to implement both. The first option was fine when only closing the window - but we also want to be able to close the visible frames with "File->Exit" while keeping the process running.
So I changed the semantics of the TerminationVetoException accordingly:
With that patch, the TerminationVetoException lets you close the windows, but vetoes the termination. Before it also vetoed the closing of the windows.

If one still need to veto closing documents/frames, one could use the CloseVetoException<>.

I will of course document the new behavior in the release notes (if no objections come in).

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