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Tue Sep 20 22:24:37 UTC 2016

On Tuesday, September 20, 2016 11:18 CEST, "Bjoern Michaelsen" <bjoern.michaelsen at> wrote: 
> NEW _should_ mean triaged for all matters. That it is not called the more
> descriptive TRIAGED (like it is on e.g. launchpad) is due to historic reasons.
> A bug on should be in NEW only if a developer could
> start working on it. Otherwise it should be in UNCOFIRMED or NEEDINFO (as
> should be for 101898: It was independently confirmed, but there still isnt a
> reliable reproduction scenario that allows a developer to work on it).
> In general, bug states should be a rather clear mapping to which group of
> people is responsible to take it to the next step:

I'd consider a bug triaged with the following steps also done, which are rarely
done when the bug is set to NEW:
-check in other OSes,
-check if bug is regression.

Yes, NEW means a developer can start working on it, but there should be a status
meaning a bug requires no further QA attention (except bibisecting), so in my
book NEW doesn't mean triaged in itself.

Another important distinction: any interested contributor having the latest
LibreOffice version can confirm/unconfirm a bug, but more experience and
preparation is required to further triage it.

The problem with independent confirmations only is that the status is hardly
different from UNCONFIRMED. Assuming QA tried and couldn't reproduce the issue,
the bug is likely hard to reproduce, and setting to NEEDINFO won't help, as the
reporter won't know what else to add, and it's a developer who can determine
what kind of further information is needed, and the steps to acquire it.
Thus bug 101898 still needs attention from a developer (if a reporter can debug
that's a nice bonus, but not a realistic expectation).

Additionally, at the time there are at least two interested people willing to
provide additional information. When a developer picks up the bug later, there
might be none.
Thus a keyword should exist to denote that a bug needs developer attention
outside the regular workflow.


P.S.: subject orrected

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