Need help compiling using the --enable-vlc option.

Kirk Puppy kirkpuppy at
Wed Sep 28 14:35:39 UTC 2016

Hello all,

    I've been trying to compile LibreOfiice- and have it use vlc as
the avmedia backend. I compiled and installed vlc-2.2.4 and used the
--enable-vlc option. I also have the both gstreamer-1.0 and gstreamer-0.10
installed for other reasons. Those are just the gstreamer packages with no
gstreamer pluggins.
     So I built with --enable-vlc, but libreoffice still seemed to try and
use gstreamer. When I would try and insert video into Impress I would get a
gstreamer missing pluggins error on the terminal.
     So then I tried compiling with --enable-vlc, --disable-gstreamer-1-0,
and --disable-gstreamer-0-10. Now when I try to insert video into impress,
I don't see any errors about gstreamer. But Impress pops up an error
message "The format of the selected file is not supported".  I tried mp4,
avi, and mkv. All have the same error message. Is there something else I
need for using VLC? Is Gstreamer required?

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