Use VCL to develop standalone applications

Thorsten Behrens thb at
Thu Apr 6 01:24:05 UTC 2017

Chris Sherlock wrote:
> FWIW, I have idly considered whether I could turn VCL into what it
> originally started as - a stand alone cross platform library.
Not really - that was StarView, its predecessor that got written out
of StarOffice code mid-nineties. TTBOMK, VCL was never meant to be
used independently.

> wxWidgets actually pretty much does what the VCL does - it is a
> framework that runs as a thin layer (really a fascade in many ways)
> over he native platform's capabilities at doing things like creating
> Windows, drawing on them, printing, etc.
Again not really - vcl and wxWidgets are about as different as
cross-platform GUI frameworks could be. VCL is platform look (via
theming engines), cross-platform feel (~all event handling &
behavioral code is shared across platforms), wxWidgets is platform
look _and_ feel (via wrapping actual native widgets).

> It's actively maintained and has an enthusiastic user community. It
> currently implements a GTK+2/3, Win32 and Motif/Lesstif (ugh)
> backend. It has support for OS X also, pretty sure this is stable.
Other than that, I support your pitch for wx - a great project!


-- Thorsten
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