Using the linux subsystem on windows for building libreoffice for windows

Tor Lillqvist tml at
Mon Apr 10 07:47:50 UTC 2017

> I have started and found out how to work with the linux subsystem on
> windows. Has anyone tried to use it
I did some very quick experimentation during Christmas. Nothing worth
committing, even as a not-working start. (Obviously, it will be even
theoretically possible to use the Linux subsystem to build LibreOffice only
in the upcoming "Creators" update of Windows 10, as only then will it be
possible to run a Windows program, like the compiler cl.exe, from a Linux
subsystem process. I experimented with a preview build.)

> as an alternative to mingw to build for windows?
We don't use MinGW in any way. It is Cygwin that it would be an alternative
to. Cygwin and MinGW are not at all related.

> I have noticed and observed that its based on ubuntu but I am not sure
> what version. Would this be something that is worth looking into
Sure, it is something worth experimenting with. Sadly, even if it turns out
to not require huge changes, work great, and be faster (the build, not the
result) than the current way, we can't replace the current way completely
as many developers are quite conservative and would strongly oppose
switching to Windows 10.

> if it means that there is potential to use a linux system to build
> natively on windows itself?
Not sure what you mean with "natively"; the Windows build already is done
using a "native" compiler, Microsoft Visual C++. It just runs the compiler
from  a Cygwin make.

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