AW: LO msi silent install: UI_LANGS property seems not to work as expected

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Tue Apr 11 08:04:25 UTC 2017

Hi Oliver,

the Parameter ADDLOCAL=ALL overwrite the other parameter and install ALL, in your case you should given all parameter that you need, without ADDLOCAL=ALL. That is the define of the MSI, but I not sure it is right the parameter "UI_LANGS=en_US,de".
I think you should given ADDLOCAL=gm_Prg,gm_Optional,gm_Langpack_r_de,gm_Langpack_r_en_US,gm_Helppack_r_de,gm_Helppack_en_US
This information is in the MSI you can see this with the program "Orca" (it is free). 

But I am nor really sure, and not tested.

Hope it helps

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> Betreff: LO msi silent install: UI_LANGS property seems not to work as
> expected
> Hi,
> i tried to do a silent msi install, selecting only a few ui languages:
>  >
>  > With LibreOffice 3.5.5 and higher, language selection works as follows.
>  > msiexec /i Lib...._.msi UI_LANGS=en_US,de
> msiexec /qb /passive /i LibreOffice_5.3.2_Win_x86.msi /L*V lo_install.log
> INSTALLLOCATION="C:\Program Files (x86)\LibreOffice" ALLUSERS=1
> REMOVE=gm_o_Onlineupdate,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Af,gm_r_ex_Dictionary_An,
> gm_r_ex_Dictionary_Ar,...
> but it seems, UI_LANGS property is ignored - all ui languages ire installed.
> any hints?
> Regards
> Oliver
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