Clang 5.0 32-bit builds Failing on CppunitTest_vcl_pdfexport

slacka lukebenes at
Thu Apr 13 15:49:51 UTC 2017

I think my initial bisect was wrong because I didn't do a "make clean"
between all the builds. Reverting
Caused a failing build to pass, so it looks like Michael Stahl's hunch was

$ cat autogen.input 

and --enable-debug for recent debug builds

The build command I'm using is  
$ ./ && make ENVCFLAGS="-mllvm -no-x86-call-frame-opt"
ENVCFLAGSCXX="-mllvm -no-x86-call-frame-opt" 2>&1 | tee build2.log

The flags are because of  this issue.

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