Localization issues related to telling users to update after submitting a crash report

Markus Mohrhard markus.mohrhard at googlemail.com
Sun Apr 16 22:47:15 UTC 2017


so I have been looking into the crashreporter and we are still seeing a lot
of crash reports for old versions. As we need to be able to deprecate the
support for older builds at some point we need a way to notify users that
reports for these versions are ignored and that they should use a newer

An example for this would be reports for all 5.2.x with x < 6 that are
still responsible for a huge part of the reports with 5.2.4 still around
50% of the reports.

Doing this is theoretical trivial and I already have some patches that
support this feature in future versions (sadly the 5.2.x versions have no
way to show the string from the server). My problem is now whether we need
to provide a localized version of this string. The string would come from
the server which currently has no translation support. In theory we know
the localization of the soffice instance that has submitted the crash
report but I'd like avoid adding many localized strings to the crash

Are there any objections against showing the generic update request instead
of a localized one when someone uses an old version? If there are no
objections I would implement this and try to get the necessary changes in
5.4 and 5.3.3.

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