Build error: 'GetMap' is a protected member of 'SwAccessibleContext'

Luke Benes lukebenes at
Sat Apr 22 19:42:00 UTC 2017

With Ubuntu 17.04 x86-64, after commit:

sw: fix a11y crash on double Dispose

I'm getting the following build error

[CXX] sw/source/core/access/accmap.cxx
[CXX] sw/source/core/access/accnotextframe.cxx
[CXX] sw/source/core/access/accnotexthyperlink.cxx
[CXX] sw/source/core/access/accpage.cxx
[CXX] sw/source/core/access/accpara.cxx
/sw/source/core/access/accmap.cxx:2393:31: error: 'GetMap' is a protected member of 'SwAccessibleContext'
                if (xAccImpl->GetMap()) // not if disposed by FireEvents()
/sw/source/core/access/acccontext.hxx:115:22: note: declared protected here
    SwAccessibleMap *GetMap() { return m_pMap; }
1 error generated.
/solenv/gbuild/ recipe for target '/workdir/CxxObject/sw/source/core/access/accmap.o' failed
make[1]: *** [/workdir/CxxObject/sw/source/core/access/accmap.o] Error 1
make[1]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
Makefile:264: recipe for target 'build' failed

luke at luke-X555LAB:~/u64/lo/core$ clang --version
clang version 5.0.0 (trunk 298676)
Target: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu

luke at luke-X555LAB:~/u64/lo/core$ cat autogen.input 

$ git revert c99f72bebdce6d294eb47e070fa1397a98ba2087

allows the build to complete without errors

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