[GSoC] QuarkXPress import, project results

Alex P alex.pantec at gmail.com
Tue Aug 29 09:42:51 UTC 2017

libqxp currently can import documents and templates created by QuarkXPress
3.1-4.1 for Windows and Mac.
Import of text and shapes is almost complete, but it lacks pictures because
reverse engineering of other parts of the format took more time than
expected and picture format seems to be quite complicated too.

Supported features:

- Pages, facing pages.
- Boxes (rectangles, ovals, Bezier).
- Lines, Bezier curves.
- Text paths.
- Object groups.
- Rotation.
- Text, including linked text boxes/paths.
- Font, size, alignment, paragraph rules, leading, H&J, tabs,
- Colors (including shades), gradients (only linear, radial, rectangular).
- Line/frame color, width, line caps and corners, arrows, dashes.

Missing features:

- Pictures.
- Non-English texts. Need sample docs to determine language values and
- Columns. Not supported in librevenge (drawing interface)/LO Draw.
- Non-rectangular box corners.
- Custom text area shapes (for ovals, Bezier text paths, ...). Not
supported in librevenge/ODF.
- Complex dash patterns (more than 2 different dashes) and stripes. Not
supported in librevenge/ODF.
- Paragraph leading is not perfect in some cases because ODF fo:line-height
works a bit differently.
- Paragraph rule margins. Not supported in librevenge/ODF.
- Custom kerning, tracking, hyphenation exception. Not supported in
- Auxiliary dictionary. Not supported in librevenge/ODF.
- Some advanced H&J and formatting properties that are not supported (or
partially supported) by ODF or LO Draw.
- Mid-linear, diamond gradients. Not supported in librevenge/ODF.
- Skewing.

Code (my contributions):



libqxp integration to LibreOffice

OleToy, reverse engineering of qxp3.3-4.0
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