Delay in fixing blanked menu text

john s wolter johnswolter at
Sun Dec 3 19:39:57 UTC 2017

Was surprised about the delay in fixing the prior version's problem with
menu text display.  it's now fixed.

I had read in the developers discussions repeated suggestions that the
problem was an external GUI library's fault.  Externally this appeared to
delay further the repair of the bug.

Since the external library had worked for years.  I wonder if a way to
observe and track such libraries' changes as a more formal review within
LibreOffice's development process.

Software quality is an ongoing challenge.  I'd suggest a reading, for
utilizing various code features, of "Object Oriented Software Development,
2ed" by Bertrand Meyer.   While it's 1188 pages, only the first chapters
set the necessary culture.

You may already be using all of the book's book's methods.  Addition
project organizing might benefit from ideas for projects that construct
games.  One example is "Agile Game Development with Scrum" by Clinton
Keith.  There are others.

John S. Wolter
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