tdf#114185: [Calc number format] Acceptance of English number format

Laurent BP jumbo4444 at
Tue Dec 5 21:10:26 UTC 2017


When I fixed bug 33689 [1] to accept English number format in any locale, I
forgot one possibility: user may insert text in number format without quotes
(format remains valid if there is no ambiguity with format pattern). In this
case, a previous valid format won't anymore be valid if it contains some
English pattern.
I'm trying to avoid such conflict in bug 114185 [2], and I found four
possible ways to fix it:
- a complex test [3] to detect the problem, and then either alert user or
modify format string
- add an option to accept English number format (set off as default)
- revert resolution of bug 33689
- let it like it is, as such situation occurs only because user did not
quote text, as requested in help [4]

Some expert advise, like Eike , would be greatly appreciated.

Laurent BP


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