compilation error

Michael Stahl mstahl at
Mon Dec 18 11:45:50 UTC 2017

On 16.12.2017 01:32, la.jolie at paquerette wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm compiling Lool thanks to this script
> My system is a VPS with Debian 9.
> My new attempt (after 3 months) to recompile lool generates now an error.
> I found that this commit is the cause:
> Part of the log where the error is throwned (I can send the full log)
> -----------------
> /opt/libreoffice2/vcl/null/printerinfomanager.cxx: In constructor
> ‘psp::PrinterInfoManager::PrinterInfoManager(psp::PrinterInfoManager::Type)’:
> /opt/libreoffice2/vcl/null/printerinfomanager.cxx:47:33: error: call of
> overloaded ‘unique_ptr(NULL)’ is ambiguous
>      m_aSystemDefaultPaper( "A4" )
>                                  ^

this was changed to "nullptr" in commit
76c21c57b7de227df87a285c3907157242ccddde more than a year ago, and this
commit is also in the libreoffice-5-4 branch so you're trying to build
some EOL branch that is no longer maintained.

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