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Olivier Hallot olivier.hallot at libreoffice.org
Mon Dec 18 16:44:35 UTC 2017

Hi All

To integrate the new offline help in LibreOffice we need to call the
browser from LibreOffice passing the help page parameters.

The job is ready for the online help (*) and is in line 523 of the file


For the offline help we still need a way to call the browser passing the
right url to


in the same sfxhelp.cxx file

David Tardon has prepared a set of makefiles for the new html help with
some new params as

Usage:     --with-help    build the old local help
           --without-help     no local help (default)
           --with-help=html   build the new HTML local help
           --with-help=online build the new HTML online help
           --with-help=common bundle common files for the local
                       help but do not build the whole help

Below are some findings we have from previous discussion on how to
address the issue.

Any help is appreciated

Kind regards

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Assunto: Re: offline help replacement
Data: Tue, 26 Sep 2017 10:29:02 +0200
De: Jan Holesovsky <kendy at collabora.com>
Para: Olivier Hallot <olivier.hallot at libreoffice.org>

Hi Olivier,

Olivier Hallot píše v Po 25. 09. 2017 v 14:46 -0300:

> Simply replacing the URL + protocol does not work so easy because the
> protocols are handled by different applications: http:// is handled
> by
> the browser and file:// is handled by a file manager, or undefined.
> in my linux system the command invokes
> xdg-open: file
> '/home/tdf/git/core/instdir/help3/help.html?swriter/sfx/ui/startcente
> r/open_all?Language=fr&System=UNIX&Version=6.0'
> does not exist

Oh yes, the problem is that xdg-open is confused about the parameters
there - it thinks it is still part of the filename :-(

But if you do 'xdg-open file:///some/file/ending_with.html' , it opens
that in the browser; so I think whenever the help file is supposed to
be open, the easiest will be to write a temporary redirectXYZABC.html
file like:

<html lang="en-US">
        <meta charset="UTF-8">
        <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="1;
        <script type="text/javascript">
            window.location.href =
        <title>Help Page Redirection</title>
        ... a short explanation about the help maybe? ...
        <!-- Note: don't tell people to `click` the link, just tell them
that it is a link. -->
        If you are not redirected automatically, follow this <a
href='file:///<...>?Language=fr&System=UNIX&Version=6.0'>link to

and let xdg-open open that one.

I've tested here, and xdg-open opens this in the webbrowser & the
redirect works fine :-)  So that + some proper cleanup of the temp
directory will do that I hope.

All the best,

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