tdf#109202 Add mimetype to image element

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at
Tue Dec 19 00:43:28 UTC 2017

Hi Thorsten, hi Michael,

so do you see any reason to have the mime-type attribute in the 
<draw:image> element? Or is the <office:binary-data> indeed a better place?

Kind regards

Thorsten Behrens schrieb am 18.12.2017 um 23:38:
> Michael Stahl wrote:
>> i don't see this as a disadvantage: the content of an ODF package
>> cannot make assumptions about what some URL that points outside the
>> ODF package refers to; dereferencing the URL might result in a
>> different file than when the ODF package was created, or it might be
>> a 404 because the file has been removed.
> Yep, agreeing with Michael - there's an established way to transfer
> the mime type of linked content, and that's the responsibility of the
> server. Best is to leave that to the remote side, content could be
> generated on the fly, depend on the user agent, preferred language etc
> etc.
> All the best,
> -- Thorsten

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