system-wide location for dictionary files and dictionary file name format

Erik Quaeghebeur libreoffice at
Wed Feb 15 13:55:48 UTC 2017

Caolán McNamara 2017-02-15 13:42:
> For Fedora we use
> and just unzip it and rename the
> toutesvariantes.* to fr_FR.* to serve as the default French spelling
> dictionary.

FYI: ‘classique’ is (now) the recommended one (as per README) although
‘toutesvariantes’ is the safe one to avoid ‘false’ misspelling

> Secondly, what the rest of LibreOffice does with this then is probably
> still a little unclear in parts. I see that in our format character
> dialog where we can directly enter bcp47 that I can successfully enter
> a tag like de-1996 but not fr-x-whatever so it appears the the private
> use tags are not allowed there for some additional reason I don't know
> (@erack?)

> Anyhow, in fedora wrt french spelling we just took the recommended
> dictionary and set it as the default system wide fr_FR.

This is what is being done on Gentoo currently. I find it suboptimal and
was hoping to improve the situation. LO is making this a bit harder than
I'd expected. But I'll find a way. Thanks much for the very helpful


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