Git commit adds ^M at end of line

Laurent BP jumbo4444 at
Sun Jan 1 11:04:24 UTC 2017


I don't know if it is due to new year, but I can't properly commit this

I made some changes to some help files, following procedure in wiki
Previously, I already succeeded in such procedure.

But this morning, when I make the commit with "git commit -a", enter title
and an empty line, save and exit, the result is huge: all lines of files are
considered modified. Check with "git log -p" shows that git is considering
that all modified files have now ^M at end of each line (which means new
line in MS-DOS).

I tried to remove these ^M from source files in vi with :%s/^M//g (^M is
type with Ctrl+V, Ctrl+M) but vi told me there is no ^M.

Any idea what I made wrong?

Best regards and happy new year :-)

Laurent BP

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