Build failed for linux_gcc_release_64 on Jenkins

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at
Mon Jan 2 11:08:06 UTC 2017

On 12/23/2016 03:20 PM, Abdul Wadood wrote:
> I was trying to fix an EasyHack #70998 and submitted a patch. The build
> was successful for all platforms except linux_gcc_release_64 on Jenkins.
> The build was successful on my system (Ubuntu 16.06LTS).
> Here is the link to gerrit
> Here is the link to console output:

a known sporadic issue with building external/firebird (see mail thread 
starting at 
"[Firebird-devel] Building Firebird 3.0 sometimes fails with a SIGSEGV 
in gfix").

Best thing in such a case is to rebase the Gerrit change to trigger a 
new Jenkins build (as has already been done here).

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