make xcode-ide-integration, good news.

jan iversen jani at
Mon Jan 2 21:51:39 UTC 2017

> It doesnt. It provides the include paths and the source files that are to be
> compiled -- just like gbuild provides the compiler. Providing a "list of header
> files in the target" is nonsense, as it might change everytime a source file is
> changed (and a "#include" statement is possibly added or removed) -- so that
> info can only be provided by preprocessing all source files, which _should_ not
> be done for creating a simple project solution (not even the compiler gets
> presolved header file lists from the build system, nor should it).

You take a lot further than I was thinking about. A simple file list will do, an ide soultion without header files is not really useable not even for editing.

I had a talk with Moggi on IRC, and he helped me with a couple of ideas.


jan i

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